Alamosa Christmas Float


advantage treatment centers
May 3, 2021
Community Involvement

Alamosa recently participated in the annual Christmas Parade contest. The clients did an amazing job and continue to impress with community involvement!

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advantage treatment centers
April 27, 2021

Located in the heart of the San Luis Valley, our Alamosa recovery center was established in 2017 with the goal of providing clients with the opportunity, skills, and tools needed to re-enter the community. Staff are committed to prioritizing community safety by providing active supervision to residents and fostering an environment that encourages residents to establish and maintain long term behavior and lifestyle changes. Focus is placed on evidenced based practices and techniques to include motivational interviewing, employment coaching, financial independence, access to behavioral health care, and skills training to promote self sufficiency during our residential corrections programs in Alamosa. The recovery center campus, which houses over 110 clients, offers a wide variety of services to include Male and Female IRT programs, Diversion, Transition, Condition of Parole, Condition of Probation, and select Judicial Services.

2017 Lava Lane
Alamosa, CO 81101