"Some People Want It To Happen, Some Wish It Would Happen, Others Make It Happen.” – Michael Jordan

IRT Overview

Welcome to Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT) with Advantage Treatment Centers. We are excited to offer exceptional residential treatment to justice involved clients in our Lamar, Alamosa, and Sterling facilities. With multiple sites state wide, it is our mission to provide effective treatment to offenders with addictive behaviors, challenge criminal conduct, and provide exceptional cognitive behavioral and coping skills to address triggers and high risk exposures. Our goal at ATC is to lessen recidivism and assist offenders in returning back into the community as healthy and productive individuals.

IRT Services

  • Individualized treatment plans, individual counseling, psycho-educational groups, daily structure, support services, socialization, recreation and pro-social leisure time activities and independent living skills training.
  • Treatment modes adhere to standards that have been designed using Evidence Based Practices.
  • A structured, supportive and comfortable environment focusing on integrative services including mind, body and soul.
  • Staff will assist with re-entry and re-socializing efforts as well as supervised recreational activities within the community.
  • Family participation in recovery is strongly encouraged through family education and visitation.