Sterling Addiction Treatment Center

Advantage Treatment Center commenced services in Northeast Colorado in 2005 with the opening of a 106 male bed residential Community Corrections Facility, located in Sterling, CO. Services at our Sterling addiction treatment center include: IRT, Diversion, Transition, Condition of Parole, Condition of Probation, and select Judicial Services.

Residential clients can expect access to monitored supervision, intensive case management, skills training, and evidenced based treatment groups to include anger management, DUI, Sex Offender Treatment, Domestic Violence Treatment, Relapse Prevention, MRT, and Interactive Journaling.

Our addiction treatment center in Sterling is proud to be home to a 48 male bed Intensive Residential Treatment Program offering cognitive based interventions and treatment to encourage clients to live free of the effects of mood altering substances
The facility itself is located across highway 61 from the Sterling Correctional Facility. It sits on 4 acres of commercial land and is surrounded by 39 acres of agricultural land, also owned by ATC owner Doug Carrigan. The facility was originally built as an Allis Chalmers Implement Dealer. It has since been utilized as an auction house, an electrical contractor company, and was last utilized by the Department of Corrections, Heavy Equipment Program, prior to its purchase and renovation to male community corrections.

Currently the outlying acreage is being used for a large garden, and ATC management is looking forward to utilizing this space for more agricultural and ranching activities such as chickens, calves, hogs etc., as well as expanded gardening and agricultural areas.
Our addiction treatment center in Sterling has become a part of the local north east Colorado community, by actively participating in relationships with local criminal justice agencies, treatment agencies, churches and community fundraisers. ATC has an annual golf tournament that raises funds for local charities and has an annual food drive for the local community food bank.

Many clients will enter ATC Sterling’s substance abuse, DUI, and anger management programs with the goal of recovering and re-entering the community, and it is our sincere desire that they leave with skills that help them progress in life and help them grow as people. In their success we require that they be respectful of the community that offered them this second chance, and they continue to grow as positive and contributing members of the community. Advantage Treatment Center Sterling primarily serves the 13th Judicial District; however, referrals from other judicial districts are welcome. Please contact the facility directly with specific questions.

12220 Highway 61
Sterling, CO 80751